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ADELPHI provides more than tutoring instruction.  We focus on organization and study strategies.  We give students confidence and self-esteem.  Nothing speaks like success:


"I was most impressed by the personal touch, efficiency and professionalism of the tutor and the director."
— Lynn Medaglia

"I recommend Adelphi Educational Services to other parents. My two children have gone through two different programs, and I have seen success in both. Ronnie Silver is a dedicated consultant who is very knowledgeable about providing the right tutor for your child's needs."
— M.M., Hillsdale, NJ

"My child's tutors were dedicated, motivating, and enthusiastic about teaching. They were reliable and professional. Sheduling was flexible. My child improved, and was awarded an academic scholarship, and placed in the university's honors program."
— B.N., Park Ridge, NJ

"The study skills course was very beneficial, and my grades went up much higher. I especially liked the self-testing strategies and games."
— Marissa, Bogota,NJ

"Adelphi offers a complete tutoring service, and takes care of all the child's SAT needs. Adelphi is very professional with a nice personal touch. The tutors came to our house which made it easier. My son got into every college he applied."
— Leslie M., Old Tappan, NJ

"My son benefited greatly from working with two Adelphi tutors. His total improvement was 320 points. His reading increased by 110 points to 770. In math, his increase was 110 points. His writing score increased by 110 points. My son also found that the tutor's advice in the approach and techniques of test taking helped him in his high school algebra and calculus class."
— Joan B., Oradell, NJ

"I would recommend Adelphi to other parents because I saw a 100 point improvement after just 10 hours in the Critical Reading component of the SAT. The assessment was helpful and professionally handled. The instructor was always punctual, professional, prepared, and related well to my son. The experience boosted my son's self-confidence."
— Marie Fusco

"My son's combined SAT score increase by 220 points. The tutors taught him how to prepare for the SAT's and how to take them. The tutors motivated and instilled confidence in my son."
— K.D., Wallington,NJ

"My son's second SAT score was 200 points higher than his first score. With your help, a lot of hard work on his part, and his athletic ability, he will attend Tufts University. Thank you for all you did for my son."
— Diane D.

Improvement is within reach - success may be only a phone call away!
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